Twin Premium

  • Twin Effect
    More variety to the two discharge ports!
  • Twin Funny
    Twice the fun to display a desired video!
  • Twin Fast
    More rapidly in the two discharge ports!
  • TwinPremium0
  • TwinPremium1
  • TwinPremium2
  • TwinPremium3
  • TwinPremium4
Control panel could be different from the actual product.
  • Product Size
    350 x 357 x 140 (mm)
  • LCD Display Size
    7 inch LCD Disply
  • Product Weight
    7.5 kg
  • Packaging Size
    440 x 427 x 214 (mm)
  • Packaging Weight
    8.4 kg
  • Feature
    • Video cntents can be displayed with USB
    • 7" LCD, Speaker
    • Each dispenser can serve each different beer
  • Components

    Main frame, Plate, Hole covers(2), 2Set of gripper, Nozzle(2), Adapter, Remote controller, Etc

  • Waterproof
    • Dispenseing area(upper part) : 100% waterproof
    • Display area(control part) : Water resistant
  • Maintenance

    After disassembling the nozzle and gripper, rinse the dispense with warm water. (Don't use the scrubber). Place the lids on top of the dispenser during non-operation.

  • Play the video

    Video can be auto-played once USB with video contents is plugged in. (USB slot is located at the bottom left of the front frame)

  • S/W Upgrade

    S/W version can be upgraded with USB. (USB slot is located at the bottom right of the front frame)


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