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Installation Environment


Installation Process of Product

  1. STEP 1
    Setup table, cooler,
    KEG beer, carbon dioxide
  2. STEP 2
    Punching a table to match
    the type of products
  3. STEP 3
    After placing the cooler,
    KEG beer and carbon dioxide gas in
    an appropriate position Connecting pipelines
  4. STEP 4
    Cold insulator to enclose
    the connecting pipeline installation complete

Installation Precautions

  • It requires punching in the table for product installation.

  • This process requires an available timber or SUS table ready.

    (Tables made of glass, can not be punched. So it is not available in the product installation table.)

  • When you are ready for the cooler you need to consider the following.
    • Whether to use the Single Product, Twin depends on whether you use the product.
      • If you use the Single Product, 1 draft beer KEG need to connect the available 1 medium cooling.
      • If you use the Twin Product, 1 draft beer KEG need to connect the available 2 medium cooling or 2 draft beer KEG need to connect the available 1 large cooling .
    • Draft beer sales / day : Considering the sales beer per day, you must select the type of cooler.
    • Cooler type
      • Cooler type
        Small Medium Large
        Length(mm) 470 425 555
        Width(mm) 285 375 555
        Height(mm) 530 725 815
        Capacity(liter) 46 93.5 137

        The price of this product will vary slightly by manufacturer standard specifications of a particular manufacturer.

      • General Beer: General Cooler

        General Beer: General Cooler

      • Homemade beer and Nitro coffee : Keg refrigerator (Kegerator)

        Homemade beer and Nitro coffee : Keg refrigerator (Kegerator)

      • Preparation may vary depending on the type of beverage and general beer, homemade beer, Nitro coffee.
      • Keg refrigerator : As Refrigerator form that can be put KEG drinks are readily available through mainstream distributors, online / offline, etc.

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